Registering an overseas manufacturing site in Singapore for pharmaceutical products

All overseas manufacturing sites are subjected to GMP conformity assessment by the local authority. GMP conformity assessment is in support a therapeutic product registration. Only local registered entity in Singapore can support the GMP conformity assessment application. The cost and timeline is dependent on the pathway in accordance to the pathway.


What is GMP conformity assessment?
GMP conformity assessment or Overseas Audit Program Assessment refers to evaluation of a new overseas manufacturing site in compliance to established GMP guidelines. Singapore being part of PIC/S scheme member countries adopt the PIC/s standard for Good Manufacturing Practices for Medicinal Products.


1st pathway : GMP Documentary Evidence Verification (DEVA)
This pathway is only feasible for proof of GMP compliance that are issued by PIC/S member authority. Acceptable proof of GMP compliance includes manufacturing license, GMP certificate and CPP issued in WHO format.
Applicant would need to ensure that the submission of the proof of GMP compliance is in English language, original scanned colour copy and indicates the basic information of the manufacturing site including name and address, dosage form, authorized activity and GMP standards of which the manufacturer complies with.
The fee is SGD$630 per manufacturing site per dosage form. There is no specific timeline involved as this is evaluated in conjunction with the submission of a product registration. Once the site is registered, there will not be a need to go through a similar conformity assessment for a similar dosage form.


2nd pathway Overseas On-site Audit 
Manufacturers would be subjected to this pathway due to the following conditions such as unavailability of acceptable GMP evidence, inadequate GMP evidence to demonstrate compliance, regulatory concern regarding GMP compliance of manufacture or product alert related to product defect or recall associated with the site concerned.
For this pathway, application would need to prepare a Quality System Dossier in accordance to Preparation of a Quality System Dossier (GUIDE-MQA-019) with a list of supporting documents to the authority for evaluation. Once the application is accepted for evaluation, an overseas inspection will take place based on the schedule of inspectors and availability of the manufacturing site that is to be audited.


The fees are presented below:
QSD evaluation- $4,770
On site audit located in ASEAN country- $18,400
On site audit located in ASEAN- $20,400
On-site audit located outside of Asia- $24,400


Post inspection, the authority will issue a letter to summarize the inspection including any potential observations or deficiencies that are required to be addressed. Applicant will be given about a month time to provide CAPA.
Upon successful close out of the post inspection findings, the applicant will be informed of the outcome.


We hope the above information is supportive for your product registration in Singapore If you need help to evaluate your GMP documents , please get in touch or if not feel free to share with your peers.


Useful references:
2. PIC/S Guide to GMP for Medicinal Products.

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