Representative Office

Befriending TRC (Representative Office)

SGD 50.00

Cost: SGD$50 per question

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Overall Description

Befriending TRC is a product that is designed to cater for quick questions regarding topics surrounding regulatory affairs, quality management system implementation and any of TRC’s services . It can form as part of a refundable cost if you decided to sign up for any plan.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Each question is only limited to 2 subparts. Any 3rd subpart of the question will be considered as a new question irregardless of how it is phrased.
  • Immediate payment on carting out of E-shop
  • Proof of payment must be presented when sending the question to the designated email
  • One round of call to address any concerns on the response provided
  • In the event that you decide to sign up for any plans or separate services from what is listed in the E-shop, the amount paid for this activity will be deducted from the actual amount required to be paid for the signed up plans or services.
If you have any specific regulatory questions pertaining to entering the Singapore market — feel free to reach out.

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