Subscription Plans for Regulatory Affairs and Pharma Registration

Ensure a fuss-free and compliant process for your pharma registration and marketing authorization (MA) by signing up for TRC subscription plan to support pre-licensing and post licensing activities for your medical products.

Work with a committed and quality regulatory service provider to support your regulatory needs in Singapore.

How Our Regulatory Affairs Subscription Plans Support Pharma Registration

With TRC’s subscription plans for regulatory affairs, we are able to support your pharma registration and pre-licensing activities. This includes gap analysis and regulatory intelligence work before entering into a specific market, to post-licensing activities such as maintenance of licenses involving variation, change notification, renewal and post marketing plans to ensure compliance to the current regulations. Gain greater peace of mind and focus on driving sales for your medical products. Find out more!

FAQs About Pharma Registration and Subscription Plans for Regulatory Affairs

Pharma registration in the ASEAN region is essential for gaining approval to market and distribute pharmaceutical products. It ensures that your products meet the necessary safety, quality, and efficacy standards, as well as regulatory compliance. Without proper registration, you may encounter legal issues and barriers to entry into the market. Our subscription plans for regulatory affairs can help streamline the registration process and ensure compliance with regional regulations.

A Regulatory Affairs Subscription Plan offers a range of benefits, including expert guidance and support in managing day-to-day regulatory tasks. These plans assist with pre-licensing activities, such as dossier submissions, and post-licensing activities, like renewals and variations. They also provide consulting for regulatory advice and ensure your marketing materials align with regulatory standards. By choosing a subscription plan, you can save time, reduce regulatory hurdles, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Yes, TRC provides support for both pharmaceutical and medical device registration in the ASEAN region. We prioritise the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products and ensure compliance with international standards like Good Distribution Practices (GDP), ISO 13485, and ISO 9001. Our expertise extends to medical device registration as well. Our Regulatory Affairs Subscription Plans cover a wide range of services to help you navigate the regulatory landscape for both pharmaceuticals and medical devices in the ASEAN region.

Hand picking pharmaceutical product for regulatory consulting in pharma
If you have any specific regulatory questions pertaining to entering the Singapore market or require assistance with pharma regulatory services and medical product registration, feel free to reach out. Your success in the pharmaceutical industry starts with us!

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