The Reg Consultants' approved medications and regulatory stamp, showcasing their regulatory affairs services in Singapore.

Work with a committed Regulatory Service Provider to maintain your medical product licenses.

Every regulatory compliance requires the right expertise!

At The Reg Consultants Pte Ltd (TRC), we provide calibrated regulatory affairs management and support since 2017. Our primary focus is to ensure that your pharmaceutical/medical products meet the highest regulatory standards for market access in the ASEAN market.

Why Partner with Us?

We specialise in helping both local and overseas pharmaceutical and medical companies navigate the complex landscape of regulatory affairs and product registration in Singapore. Obtaining the necessary approvals for marketing and distribution is a crucial step in ensuring the success of your products in this diverse and dynamic market. With our expertise, we streamline the registration process, saving you time, resources, and the frustration of bureaucratic hurdles. This not only accelerates your market entry but also ensures compliance with regional regulations, fostering trust and credibility with local authorities and consumers.

Your Path to Regulatory Affairs Compliance: Subscription Plans

Our subscription plans for regulatory affairs are designed to provide you with comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for navigating the complex world of regulatory compliance. Whether you’re a pharmaceutical, medical device, or healthcare company, our subscription packages offer you access to a wealth of regulatory expertise, guidance, and support. Our team of experts will assist you in staying up-to-date with evolving regulations, streamlining product registrations, and ensuring compliance in the ASEAN region.

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If you have any specific regulatory questions pertaining to entering the Singapore market or require assistance with pharma regulatory services and medical product registration, feel free to reach out. Your success in the pharmaceutical industry starts with us!

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